Dear sexwize, I’m with a lady for 7 years, she have 2 children one 17 and the other 8, with the bady father that married an live in England for more than 17 year, his wife only know about 17 year old one An the other child they keep it a secret for 8 years now, when we just started talking she was the best, but we were not living together for about 4 years, Everytime the bady father come to Jamaica in the first 4 years of our relationship I was keep in the dark an they would go to hotel with the children, and some how I find out about it, and also they would have sex Everytime, we talk about it, so she stop going hotel with him, in the last part of the first 4 year she convinced me to start living with her cause she had a house that no one live in, I agree to live with her, when I move in, she hardly come by the house cause she still live with her mother cause she help with the children, at one point we talk about building a house together, she said she one will do it, she don’t need any help, she reach in the middle of the house an money run out, an now she want me to help her now, every time we talk about me having ties to the house she said no an getup set about it, cause she wants me to just use my money and finish it, an then at any time she can tell me to go, an can’t do anything about it, for the last 2 years, she start to behave really bad, getting upset at everything I do no matter what it is, she don’t cook, she don’t clean, the only thing she do is go work and come home vex with the world and then take it out on me, even the kids are saying that she need to treat me better, an she start to cus an saying that me trun her children against her, an just the other day the bady father came to Jamaica for the big one graduation, one early morin I when on an interview when I came back, I get to learn that she was walking in the house naked in front of him, she started to cuz saying that her kids sell her out, even before the bady father leave to England she offer him to see him privately before him leave in a text message, I saw it, in the phone, I know I shouldn’t go in the phone, but I don’t trust her when the bady father is in Jamaica, but why I ask her about it is because she delete that line of message from the convosation, she got upset about it, saying that she don’t have any privacy, every time I say I’m going to leave this relationship, the kids saying that they don’t want me to go, cause I love them as my own and it’s hard just to leave them like that, now I’m confused an I don’t know that to do, if I stay the kids are happy but for me I’m sad, cause the mother is inlove with someone else, some one even tell me that I should get her pregnant an she will change, if I go I’ll find someone that I can build a family with an be happy but for her kids not going to be happy an because I love them it’s hard to know what to do, that’s why I need your advice

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